Leading Market Research & Insight Provider in Sub Sahara Africa

Why Acumen East Africa​

Sub-Sahara Experience

Building retail panels in East & West African Countries.

Acumen can scale up quickly to other markets.

Understanding of Retail Scenario

Created relationships and an appreciation of the challenges.

Understand how to work with retail level outlets. 

Developed Systems

Data collection, data cleaning, analysis and reporting systems in place.

Acumen has built a panel and published reports.

Research Experience

Over 50 years of research experience and research assistants with over 4 years experience in longitudinal research.

Deep understanding of agricultural input markets.

Agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa.


Market Research

Our research focuses on expanding knowledge through data collection and our reports will help you understand the market and find ways to improve your services to suit the needs of your customers.

Our report gives insight of the general market trends, and top selling products.


Market Coverage

Since we are in major parts of Kenya, our report acts as reference in case you need to know the markets in other regions for investment.

Our reports show top selling products in your region and helps retailers in making informed decisions while stocking.

We are a market research company helping clients make sense of the ever-changing retail markets in Sub Sahara Africa.

With more than 50 years experience in the region, our deep understanding of its people, as well as of teams and processes allow us to deliver unique and eye-opening market insights.

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