Tracking farmers’ spending across Kenya

Agri-Track™ is an ongoing countrywide research project that tracks what farmers in Kenya are spending on agricultural inputs.

Developed by Acumen EA, AgriTrack involves collecting data from participating agrovet dealers on a monthly basis. This information is aggregated to highlight farmer purchases in various product sectors and categories.

AgriTrack has already helped many agrovets to make informed decisions regarding product stocking and pricing as well as identify new business opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions​

AgriTrack™ is a research product that tracks and analyzes purchases of farm inputs to generate understanding of farmer behavior.

AgriTrack™ helps everyone along the supply chain, from manufacturers to vendors, make better decisions relating to marketing, pricing, packaging, and supply of agrovet products. It also helps them understand better the seasonal and regional
variations in farmer’s demand for agrovet products.

Acumen EA enters a confidential partnership with agrovet shops and retailers. On a monthly basis, we will visit your shop and collect sales information from your records which will be anonymized and uploaded to our servers using the Acumen mobile app. The information is then analyzed for insights which are thereafter compiled into a report.

We only collect information about the products farmers have purchased in a particular month, including the number of units sold and the average selling price.

The products AgriTrack™ monitors include seeds; fertilizer; crop protection products such as pesticides and herbicides; veterinary medicines and animal health products; and animal food products.

All information submitted to Acumen EA is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is fully anonymized. As a reputable research company, we are bound by the law, industry standards, and our own values to ensure that no information is shared with third parties. We are an independent company and the research that we conduct is not affiliated to any private company, county or central government or any government agency. Our results are only available in an aggregated format and we never show in any format the names of participating retailers.

On a quarterly basis, Acumen EA shares AgriTrack™
reports with partnering retailers and vendors which
helps them understand the market in their specific
region, identify new opportunities and grow their

No. Acumen EA is an independent research company
and AgriTrack™ research collects information on
farmers’ purchases without regard to particular

The more the retailers who participate in a particular
region, the better the insights AgriTrack™ can generate
and, in turn, the better the advice retailers and
vendors can get on growing their businesses.

Currently, AgriTrack™ covers 60 towns across 37
counties and is expanding to cover the whole of Kenya
by December 2020 as well as Ethiopia and Uganda.

Our methodology for now is focused on collecting
data from retailers. Because we are only interested in
what farmers have actually purchased, it is not
possible to get this information from wholesalers.

Why should you participate in Agri-Track™?

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We are a market research company helping clients make sense of the ever-changing retail markets in Sub Sahara Africa.

With more than 50 years experience in the region, our deep understanding of its people, as well as of teams and processes allow us to deliver unique and eye-opening market insights.

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